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First place: The Maldives, long seen as one of the most romantic places in the world to go on holiday still stuns visitors with its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and impossibly blue sea and sky. 'High scores across the board' from Conde Nast Traveller readers pushed this destination up from third place into pole position
首先:马尔代夫,长期以来被视为世界上最浪漫的地方之一去度假仍然令人震惊的游客以其清澈透明的海水,白色的沙滩和蓝色的大海和天空。 康泰纳仕的全面高分旅行者读者把这个目的地从第三位到极点的位置
Second place: The Greek Islands are extremely popular among both Greek and foreign visitors thanks to their wonderful climate, hospitality and short distances between ports and stunning villages such as Santorini, pictured. Some of the oldest European civilizations developed on the Greek islands and unique archeological sites abound. Conde Nast readers mentioned the warm welcome meted out by friendly locals as a deciding factor too
第二名:希腊群岛非常受欢迎希腊和外国游客由于他们美好的气候,好客和端口之间的短距离和惊人的村庄如圣托里尼岛,如图所示。 一些最古老的欧洲文明发达的希腊群岛和独特的古迹比比皆是。 康泰纳仕读者提到了热烈欢迎由友好的当地人也作为一个决定性因素
Third place: Sicily (pictured here the coastline near the nature reserve of Zingaro) is the largest island in the Mediterranean, but still boasts some of the finest beaches, turquoise waters and soft beaches often attributed to smaller islands. Mount Etna is another huge attraction, being one of the most active volcanoes in the world
第三名:西西里(图为吉普赛人的海岸线附近的自然保护区)是地中海最大的岛屿,但仍有一些最好的沙滩,碧蓝的海水和柔软的沙滩通常归因于小岛。 埃特纳火山是另一个巨大的吸引力,是世界上最活跃的火山之一
Fourth place:  The Caribbean's most elite, most expensive island St Barth's - short for Saint-Barthélemy - lives up to its reputation as a place where the rich and famous gather to drink champagne. But its uncrowded white-sand beaches and distinctly Gallic air ensure it's a favourite with lesser mortals as well
第四名:加勒比海最精英最昂贵的岛圣巴斯- Saint-Barthelemy的简称无愧为富人和名人聚集的地方喝香槟。 但其宽敞的白色沙滩和明显的高卢空气确保这是一个最喜欢的与较小的凡人
Fifth place: The Balearic Islands, formerly in the number one spot, are made up of four main islands all with a very different flavour. Ibiza (pictured here, Benniras beach) known for its thumping nightlife also has a calmer, traditional side, and its sisters Majorca and Menorca are equally beautiful, with lush green countryside as well as great beaches and pretty little villages along a stunning coastline
第五名:巴利阿里群岛,以前在榜首,是由四个主要岛屿都有一个非常不同的味道。 伊比沙岛(见这里,Benniras海滩)闻名的夜生活也有一个平静的,传统的一面,和它的姐妹马略卡岛和梅诺卡岛也同样美丽,与郁郁葱葱的农村以及伟大的海滩和漂亮的小村庄沿着一条惊人的海岸线
Sixth place: She sells seashells... The Seychelles, a longtime favourite of Conde Nast readers, is an otherworldly archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. A trip to the Seychelles promises breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man. With  no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Vallée de Mai on Praslin where the Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms, and Aldabra, the world's largest raised coral atoll
第六位:她卖贝壳…… 塞舌尔,Conde Nast的长期喜爱的读者,是一种超凡脱俗的印度洋群岛115个岛屿。 一趟塞舌尔承诺令人叹为观止的自然美景在原始仍然没有被周围的人。 不少于两个被联合国教科文组织列为世界文化遗产的景点——法兰Mai在普拉兰岛的海椰子螺母生长在古老的手掌,和阿尔达不拉岛,世界上最大的珊瑚环礁
Seventh place: Luxuriant, extraordinary, and with a mild climate. Capri, just off the coast of Italy south of the bay of Napoli, has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers enthralled by its beauty. Visitors speak in glowing terms of its mix of history, nature and culture, and the exclusive feel of some of its busy ports is counteracted by a host of smaller harbours accessed only by boat. One of Italy's sparkling jewels
第七位:华丽、非凡的和温和的气候。 卡布里,意大利南部海岸的那不勒斯湾,已经访问了几个世纪以来的知识分子、艺术家和作家被它的美所迷住。 游客用发光的历史、自然和文化,一些繁忙的港口的独家感觉是抵消的小港口只有坐船才能访问。 意大利的一个闪闪发光的珠宝
Eighth place: Lush tropical greenery, warm blue waters and golden sunlight. In Barbados you can spend the day on any number of white sandy beaches; eat some flying fish; drink some rum punch. In Barbados you can generally trade in the chaotic rush for the slow and easy while soaking up the natural beauty of this subtropical island
第八位:郁郁葱葱的热带绿色,蓝色的海水和金色的阳光温暖。 在巴巴多斯你可以花一天在任意数量的白色沙滩,吃一些飞鱼,喝点朗姆酒。 在巴巴多斯可以一般贸易在混乱的冲向缓慢且容易吸收这个亚热带岛屿的自然美景
Ninth place: The warm welcome and the island's safe beaches and gentle seas make Mauritius a great place for a family getaway as well as a romantic destination for couples. Deserted beaches wrap themselves around the island, and large lagoons lined with fine white sand seem the embodiment of paradise. Mauritius is a country of poets, writers and artists, inspired not only by the stunning natural landscape, but also by its multicultural identity
第九:热烈欢迎和岛上的安全的海滩和温和的海洋让毛里求斯一个家庭度假的好地方,以及浪漫的目的地。 荒凉的海滩包装自己的岛,和大泻湖内衬白色细沙似乎天堂的化身。 毛里求斯是一个国家的诗人、作家和艺术家,不仅激发了惊人的自然景观,而且其多元文化身份
Tenth place: Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, and the island has no fewer than nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its capital, Valletta (pictured) is the smallest capital in the European Union as well as being famous for the beauty of its Baroque palaces, gardens and churches
第十:马耳他是一个受欢迎的旅游景点,气候温暖,众多的休闲区,和建筑和历史古迹,岛上有不少于九个联合国教科文组织的世界遗产。 其首都瓦莱塔(如图)是最小的资本在欧盟作为著名的美丽的巴洛克宫殿、花园和教堂

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